Ways for Auto Engine Care

To keep good working state of auto engines, you can make some car maintenance since it’s used for some time, or the service life of engines would be cut down as well as vehicles. Here are some useful ways on how to care of them.


This is the basic requirement for prolonging service life of car engines, whether they are new or old. They should go through certain running-in periods before putting into normal work.


It refers to clean gas, water, air and engine parts. Diesel and petrol are the main fuels for engines. Gas with impurity may cause abrasions to assorting parts, resulted in oil leakage, low oil supply pressure and big gaps among different parts. What’s the worse, gas passing channels would be in jam. If there is many dusts in the air, cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings are likely to be worn out. If the cooling water is not pure, scales will block the cooling system, resulted in bad engine cooling, poor lubrication effect and severe abrasion. If the appearance is not clean enough, it is possible to get rotted and shorten life service.┬áCheck out Davies Auto for more info.


Namely, it means sufficient fuel, water and air. Insufficient supply of gas, diesel and air will lead to starting difficulties, poor combustion, power coastdown, and abnormal work, etc. If there is a lack of engine oil, it would cause bad lubrication, bearing bush breakdown. If the cooling water is not enough, engine bodies will be in high temperature, cutting down power, intensifying abrasions and reducing service life.


You should check fastening parts regularly. Bolts and nuts are easy to get loose, as engines bear asymmetrical shocking and loading in working process. Besides, adjustment bolts of other parts are required to be under checking to body damages caused by loosing parts.

As the heart of an automobile, an auto engine is in need of through care and maintenance for safe driving and durable use.

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